Richardo A Wilson, The Cameraman


I enjoy being a cameraman aka the camera operator.  You get to see a seen come to life in front of your eyes and also capture the moments that might someday make someone say oh my, that’s an awesome shot when you are the cameraman.  Starting off as a photographer I have more of a director of photography approach to my camera skills.  I haven’t really been part of a big team in which your only role is that of a cameraman because I had to wear multiple hats in my past productions.  I do think I work well with directions operating a camera for others as well as I have done before.  I own a few professional cameras and shoot now and then with colleagues of mines on projects.  I enjoy to help my peers shoot their works.

I hope one day to direct or shoot a project for television or a company like HBO, Netflix, or Amazon.  Not to exclude other channels, but I am happy to film with projects I would enjoy to see myself.  Hopefully one day I will get off my own full production or assist in bigger ones, lights, camera, action.

My camera work can be seen on

A camera operator, also called a cameraman or a camerawoman, is a professional operator of a film or video camera.
via Wikipedia

Have you ever been front of a camera?

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A Wilson

“Live Life Unscripted”


Photo Credit: John Fry Wiltshire UK

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