Richardo A Wilson, The Swimmer


Let me start off and say I can’t swim.  So please, pretty please, don’t get into a position that you need saving in water, for I can’t help you.  If I try to do so, we both are going down together.  Okay, maybe that was a bit of a fib.  I can swim, but not at all well.  I can get from point A to B, if and only if they with 25 feet – 30 feet of each other, and I don’t have to stop.  I can’t float.  So I can do a bit of freestyle and under water swimming, but that is all I got until I run out of breath.

I do hope for this trend to stop soon.  So as I write this post, 2 years from this date, April 2017, I shall be able to use this excuse to the effect that I can’t swim.  So I have 2 years to get real.  I throughly respect swimmers, for it’s a fundamental survival skill as well as a great workout.  I wish I could swim…pray for me. 🙂

Check out my website 2 years from now about me knowing how to swim.

Swimming is a water based team or individual sport.
via Wikipedia

Do you know how to swim?

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A Wilson

“Live Life Unscripted”


3 responses to “Richardo A Wilson, The Swimmer”

  1. Everyone needs to know how to swim. We live on a planet that is primarily water so swimming is a skill that everyone needs. If you haven’t guessed, yes, I swim. I taught others to swim for many years and anyone can learn.

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    1. You are absolutely right… :). It’s just as I was mentioning in the post, I have to learn and stop playing games. Lol. Thanks for dropping in and sharing. I am guessing 40% swimmer doesn’t count? What age did you learn how to swim?

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      1. I taught myself to swim at about 7 years old by practice and watching others. I had formal training later.


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