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2015 so far has been a stressful yet refreshing year thus far.  I am really pushing for more time to commit to a few projects I have in the works.  I am need a few more sacrifices of my time and fun time to make it happen.  I also need to step up a bit on my pre production activities.  Most of my friends who would normally help me out are quite busy, as they have projects and things to take care of themselves.  So in order to make this year epic as I wanted, I have to do more work with less bodies.   I don’t mean to stress myself out, but planning out things and executing is the key.  Still working on finishing this book and music album and it’s really pushing me to be so much better on my editing and my quality of work.  I need to say enough is enough at a point and let it go in the world.

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A Wilson

“Live Life Unscripted”


Photography by: Richardo A Wilson

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