I’m Richardo A Wilson

Hello World,

My name is Richardo A Wilson.  You can call me by moniker “Rik” if you would like to be informal, but for this post today that will live on forever, you address as Mr. Richardo Wilson.  Follow me on the road of I’s I am about to list for you.  They say people get a kick out of talking about themselves, so simply ask anyone about themselves and let the information flow like a river.  So I have pose the question for you, who is Richardo A Wilson.

I am fascinated by technology, I love to share my vision for art through photography, and love to learn and teach others through words of poetry, quotes and plain ol one on one conversations.

I could write a bunch of things right now, but I rather slowly invite you into world and who I am and what I can do.  Let’s start it all off with a few photos, since it’s probably one my first interests I developed as a young boy in my country.

Here are a few of my photographs, in which I converted to art portraits.  My originals photographs are going to be in my portfolio.

Do You See Me - Lifestyle Photography RawMultimedia Portrait Art nyc

Cherry - RawMultimedia Photography Art

Keep Your Head Up - RawMultimedia Photography Art

Thanks for reading,
Richardo A Wilson

Web: richardoawilson.com
Blog: raw-multimedia.com

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